10Web: Revolutionizing WordPress with AI in Armenia

Armenia39s 10Web brings AI website creation to Wordpress


In the rapidly evolving world of web development, generative AI is making significant strides, enhancing productivity across various sectors, including website creation. Among the plethora of tools allowing for easy web design, Armenia-based 10Web is making a name for itself by integrating AI into the WordPress ecosystem.

10Web: A New Player in AI-Powered Website Building

Founded in 2017, 10Web is harnessing the power of generative AI to simplify the process of building websites on WordPress, which is known for its steep learning curve and extensive customization options. Unlike platforms like Wix or Squarespace, WordPress is an open-source framework that requires more sophisticated design skills and doesn’t include hosting services. This complexity often deters beginners from using the platform despite its potential for highly customizable web solutions.

AI Integration for Enhanced Usability

10Web’s engineering team in Yerevan has introduced advanced AI models such as Llama 2, GPT-4, and Stable Diffusion into their platform. This integration aims to make WordPress more intuitive and user-friendly, enabling users to create websites through simple text prompts. This innovative approach is particularly challenging due to the architectural complexities of adapting AI for WordPress.

The Vision and Strategy

Arto Minasyan, co-founder of 10Web and also at the helm of Krisp, emphasizes the need for robust hosting infrastructure and managed services to ensure the security, backups, and uptime essential for WordPress sites. He contrasts this with closed-source solutions that generally require less individualized maintenance. Minasyan is confident that focusing on WordPress’ usability will resonate well due to the platform’s vast open-source community, which includes over two million developers.

Monetization and Growth

10Web adopts a dual monetization strategy, charging either per site or through traffic. Plans are underway to introduce a payment system allowing users to transact with their clients directly, with 10Web earning a commission. Currently, the company boasts 20,000 paying customers and anticipates a significant increase in its annual recurring revenue, from $5 million to an expected $25 million by the end of next year.

Leveraging Armenian Tech Talent

Minasyan attributes part of 10Web’s success to Armenia’s rich pool of engineering talent, which is considerably more cost-effective than in the US. This competitive advantage allows 10Web to innovate efficiently while keeping costs low. The company’s staffing strategy involves tapping into local technical expertise while also employing marketing and business development teams in the US to enhance its market reach and fundraising capabilities.

Armenia’s Growing Tech Scene

As Armenia’s tech ecosystem continues to flourish, 10Web is positioned as a pioneering entity within this landscape. The country’s first tech unicorn, Picsart, paves the way for other startups like 10Web, indicating a promising future for Armenian innovations on the global stage. The majority of Armenian startups, including 10Web, are strategically targeting the US market, where the potential for funding and growth is considerably higher.


10Web ‘s integration of AI into WordPress is a game-changer for both novice and experienced developers. By simplifying the web design process and making powerful tools accessible, 10Web is not only advancing the capabilities of WordPress but also setting a new standard for web development platforms worldwide. With its strategic use of local talent and international outreach, 10Web is poised to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation in the tech industry.

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