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Introduction to Brainstorm Force and LatePoint

Brainstorm Force, renowned for its Astra theme, has made a strategic investment in LatePoint, a leading WordPress booking and appointment scheduling plugin. This plugin is a vital tool for over 21,000 websites, facilitating bookings for various small businesses like salons, therapists, and fitness studios.

Strategic Investment for Enhanced Customer Experience

Sujay Pawar, CEO of Brainstorm Force, highlights the investment’s purpose. Integrating LatePoint with Brainstorm Force’s products aims to offer a comprehensive booking solution to customers using their Astra theme and Starter Templates.

LatePoint Integration in Brainstorm Force’s Product Suite

Integration with ZipWP and Spectra

The investment sees LatePoint’s integration into ZipWP, Brainstorm Force’s AI WordPress website builder, and the Spectra page builder, which enjoys over 600,000 active installs. These integrations aim to include advanced booking and appointment scheduling features.

Expanding Capabilities with SureCart and SureTriggers

Brainstorm Force is also integrating LatePoint with its e-commerce plugin, SureCart, and automation platform, SureTriggers. This move is designed to connect LatePoint to a wider range of WordPress apps, plugins, and services, offering a seamless operational experience.

Addressing a Market Gap in WordPress Service Commerce

The Need for Advanced Booking Solutions
Pawar discusses the gap in the service commerce space within WordPress, compared to solutions offered by platforms like Squarespace and Wix. He emphasizes the limitations of existing SaaS solutions, highlighting LatePoint’s exceptional code quality and design flexibility.

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Future Prospects and Confidential Investment Details

While the exact amount of the six-figure investment remains confidential, the partnership’s goal is clear – to potentially acquire LatePoint in the future. This move aligns with Brainstorm Force’s mission to enhance its 70+ products, powering over 7 million websites with integrated payment and booking solutions.

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