Elementor Postpones DreamWeb Event

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Elementor, the leading website builder plugin for WordPress boasting over 5 million active installations, has decided to delay its upcoming DreamWeb event. Originally scheduled to take place on November 2 in Berlin, Germany, the Israel-based company opted for postponement in light of the circumstances following the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7.

In 2022, Elementor successfully organized more than 400 meetup events. DreamWeb was anticipated to be a comprehensive one-day affair at the Alte Münze venue, featuring keynote speeches, knowledge-sharing sessions, various activities, networking opportunities, and an evening gala. Early bird tickets priced at 99€ went on sale in early October.

Following the recent events, the decision to postpone the event was promptly announced, with an official statement shared on the DreamWeb page:

At Elementor, we cannot overlook the devastation that has affected Israel in recent days. In solidarity with our community and the country, we have made the decision to postpone the Dream Web event and the announcement of the ShowOff winner until we return to a more peaceful environment.

During this challenging time, our thoughts are with the families, friends, and fellow citizens impacted by these events. We remain steadfast in our support and solidarity as we navigate through these difficult circumstances together.

Many of our company’s employees are based in Israel, and they have friends and family directly impacted by the ongoing conflict.

“Guided by our commitment to prioritizing people, we are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees in Israel, while also continuing our global work with and for Web Creators,” shared Elementor representatives on the product’s Facebook account on October 15.

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“Unfortunately, some of us are currently seeking shelter with children as rockets target our cities, while others have had to flee from the Hamas terrorists in the south of Israel to find safer locations. Regrettably, all of us have been affected by the loss of loved ones or acquaintances who have been either killed or abducted.”

In light of these circumstances, the DreamWeb event has been indefinitely postponed. Elementor has affirmed that “a new date will be announced once peace has been restored.”

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