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Founder decides to stop development WP Tavern

In a shocking development, Gutenberg-based Cwicly founder Louis-Alexandre Desire announced that the team was ending development of Cwicly “after much thought and soul-searching.”

Packed with innovative features and a commitment to embracing the WordPress vision in Gutenberg, Cwicly has garnered a lot of attention. The community also noted the recent expansion of the tailings pond. According to its description on AppSumo, “Cwicly is the only builder that interacts directly with the entire Gutenberg ecosystem and adds specialized blocks that are complementary and fully compatible with Gutenberg.”

In a blog post and email to users, Louis attributed the drastic decision to a “relentless onslaught of destructive posts and comments from some WordPress influencers.” He said. “Personal attacks on both myself and team members were made and openly tolerated throughout. The negativity and hostility towards Cwicly, especially compared to page creators, has had a significant impact on our morale and motivation.”

“The passion and dedication we had from the beginning has gradually waned, excitement has given way to terror. Working in such a negative atmosphere took a significant toll on the team, making it nearly impossible to continue. Every day has become a struggle.”

Louis assured users that Cwicly services will continue until the end of 2024, and refunds will be made for all orders after January 1, 2024.

The announcement was later retracted from the site, stating that development of the plugin had ceased and that it would provide user support during the transition. However, the original statement is still available on Discourse.

The WordPress community reacted with surprise and shock, especially considering the new features had been released just days earlier. “This is the biggest shock I've had in a while. Had to check if the date was April 1st. I hope Cwicly reverses their decision,” the WordPress developer wrote on Twitter Sridhar Katakam whereas Jamie MarslandThe founder of Pootlepress called the published statement “a very sad statement”.

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Several people searched for scathing reviews and tweeted about not finding any negative reviews or comments against Cwicly, while others reported seeing negative comments in Facebook groups. Andrew PalmerThe co-founder of Bertha.AI said that he has “seen a few comments on YT educational videos for Cwicly where the commenters say it's rubbish”.

Brainstorm Force CEO Sujay Pawar posted on Facebook: I have had to take breaks from Facebook for my mental health. I think the decision to stop Cwicly had to be more than just some influencers' comments. It's probably about all the challenges of running a WordPress product business, especially the financial aspects, in communities where people are quick to criticize without realizing there's a human on the other side.”

David McCann, who published The Wrong Enigma. After two years, is it still ready to use?' posted “I suspect that my article The Wisely Conundrum may have contributed to their loss of morale. Although as far as I know my writing was accurate, I realize that I was expressing my frustration at feeling that it wasn't ready yet. I'm sorry if this contributed to their loss of morale, and it's a reminder that as a user and reviewer it's important to remember the people behind the product.” He continued. “Cwicly is progressive and a great addition to the WordPress ecosystem. I hope the Cwicly team can keep it going, but if they don't feel they can, then I encourage them to keep it going long enough to find someone who wants to buy it so they get some return and the product. can live.”

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Adam W. Warner, Director of Field Marketing at GoDaddyPro, shared; “I've never used it, but everything I've seen about it has been positive. Raving fans actually. Obviously, there was some backlash somewhere. However, as a business owner, it pays to have a thick skin for the naysayers. It's easy to say, harder to do.” Justin Ferryman also agreed. “Criticism and entrepreneurship go hand in hand (especially with products). It probably wasn't for the founder, and that's okay. It's stressful.”

WordPress Tampa Bay Organizer Daniel Awesome Smith hoped “they don't blame the community when it's only business sense and the product that deserves the most blame.” Kevin GearyThe WordPress entrepreneur explained that he has “spent the last 3-5 months telling everyone that Cwicly is the 2nd best WordPress page builder.”

Co-founder of Newsletter Glue, Leslie Sim He wrote on Twitter: “I don't think closing is the right answer, I think becoming a business owner is. But you can't really teach it. They just have to decide to do it.” Alex Vasquez DigiSavvy's “wouldn't be surprised if the owner/developer reverses their decision to close @cwicly. I find it's more when you leave your customers like that.”

“Consider rebranding Cwicly instead of shutting it down. a fresh start can help overcome negativity and attract a more positive audience.” proposed entrepreneur Mahdi Ali Khanusia. “Big guys like @automattic, @LiquidWeb, @syedbalkhi should check out @cwicly. Could be an acquisition/purchase. There are a lot of great features out there that could end up in the core, or at least shouldn't be thrown out.” suggested the founder of WPAI James LePage.

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I have reached out to Louis and am still waiting to hear back from him.

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