How to create article ratings with the KK Star Ratings plugin

Fake danh gia bang plugin kk star ratings

Every time you click on a link on Google, there are cases when some websites display beautiful star ratings and you wonder how to make it, whether it can be made according to your wishes or not. will share with you how to create a successful 5-star review and display it in the Google search engine with the kk Start Ratings plugin.

Introducing the KK Star Ratings plugin

kk Initial ratings is a free plugin that allows showing 5 or nice star ratings for posts, products and pages for WordPress websites. Visitors looking at a website with reviews will create sympathy for them, much more impressive than a link without reviews, at least for regular users, most of whom are the main source of income for you.

To use KK Star Ratings, all you need to do is log in Plugins / Add newtype in the search box and find the plugin named “kk Star Ratings“, install it on the website. You can then choose the location to display by going to this plugin's settings (click on the plugin's star icon on the admin page). Here you can fully customize parameters such as the size of the star, the number of stars 5 or 4 and the position that appears on the blog page. The free version is sufficient for your needs. If you want to support the author and use advanced features, you can purchase the premium version.

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In what cases can the KK Star Ratings plugin be used?

You can insert star reviews on all article pages, product pages, category pages, any page or wherever you want. Just insert the paragraph Short code of this plugin in the location where you want it to appear:

– Note: full of vinegar (.). Normally you add it to the top or bottom of the page or article, pasting it in text format as always when you write. If you add another format it may not work.

Fake reviews with the KK Star Ratings plugin

In the admin management interface, mouse over the section Theme/file theme editor. Open the file function.php (usually found in the theme you are using or in the child theme, if any). Paste this code into the file function.php:

Comment on fake reviews with the KK Star Ratings plugin

Fake reviews only work for specific blog posts and news, not for pages and products. This means that it is not possible to fake reviews for pages other than the article page (blog) at the same time. You shouldn't overuse them, and fake reviews don't have a big impact on SEO results, but impressing visitors is the obvious thing to do.

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After Fake is successfully evaluated, all your articles will be polished in large numbers and you can see the results immediately. And whether or not your article shows up reviews in Google search results depends on several factors, such as the amount of traffic to that article, the reputation of the website, and whether the article is quality or not. Sometimes the rating is lost, but it appears again after a while, this is due to Google's algorithm.

How to fix the error where the functions.php file cannot be opened

A rare case is when you click on Theme and don't see the words Theme File Editor. The reason it is hidden is because you or the person who coded the website has hidden it for security reasons. Let it appear again and you can edit the functions.php file and then open it Cpanelcome root folder from your website, open the file wp-config.php. Find and edit the following lines of code like this:

* Initial:

* Edited from:

Don't forget to solve everything WHERE wall False As above is fine. Then you click To rescue save. Now you can easily edit the function file.

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How to reset the number of reviews on each page

If you upgrade your reviews too much, you may end up waiting forever and Google not showing the reviews in search results. If it's an article, it doesn't matter. Your rating could amount to a few hundred or even a few thousand reviews per article, and the rating will still appear outside of Google. However, for a completely different product. It is very difficult to show a product with positive reviews on search engines.

If you increased the rating a little too much and want to return the rating to its original state, open the page or product or item, click Editing. Find the line in the right column kk Star RatingsCheck the box Reset ratingand then click save article (save the page) to set the evaluation to 0 from the beginning:

Reset kk star rating
Reset kk star rating

To conclude

In this article shared with you the easiest way to add fake product reviews and display them on the homepage and in the Google search engine. I hope it is useful for you, see you in the next articles.

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