How to create beautiful fixed and flexible scroll widgets (sticky widgets)

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Today I will share with you how to create a fixed widget with a very beautiful and useful scrolling function. You know that Widgets are an indispensable part of a website, right? It is located on the right or left side, but if it remains in the default style, it will not look nice. You want to improve it to look better and impress visitors.

In this article, will guide you step by step in detail on how to create a sticky widget like modern themes that are still in use.

What are widgets?

Widget is a feature bar that appears on the right side of your website's screen, usually with the main content next to it (left or right). Widgets include important website features such as: new articles, new products, featured articles, product filtering, video insertion,… everything you can think of to add content to a WordPress website.

The website uses a type called Sticky Widget, you can read any article, look to the right to see how Fixed Widget works in the fastest and easiest way to understand. Even though I'm using the Flatsome theme, a theme that doesn't support Sticky Widgets, I installed it easily and without much trouble.

What is a fixed widget and what is a Sticky Widget

Fixed Widget literally translated into English means a fixed Widget, Sticky Widget means a Widget that is firmly stuck to the computer screen. Fixed Widget and Sticky Widget, no matter where you scroll, it will always appear in your view.

This increases the user experience because they don't have to waste time or exert too much force to scroll far to see the widget content they need to view. For example, if you put the latest article in a widget, you are reading the content because the author wrote the article so well. Now you want to see the latest articles on the website. If you don't have a Fixed Widget, you'll have to drag the mouse a lot to see the content you're looking for.

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Why use a fixed widget?

To improve user experience, many webmasters use Fixed Widget to fix the widget in one place, making the content on the widget bar always present in the user's view. Many well-known websites use this, such as Facebook, Youtube, Google,…

But Fixed Widget has a fatal drawback that many people don't like: it is only fixed, stays in one place, cannot be raised or lowered. Fixed Widget is completely useless if the content of your widget is too much and longer than the computer screen. In this case, the widget is set to display only a very small portion and cannot display everything.

To overcome the weakness of Fixed Widget, there is a new variant, it is called Sticky Widget. Sticky Widget lets you fix and scroll your widget flexibly, solving the fatal drawback of Fixed Widget (it only stays in one place).

When you download a free theme or purchase a premium theme online, not all themes have the Fixed Widget feature built-in. You have to code it yourself to get it. Luckily for you, today will share with you how to create a beautiful Fixed Widget and Sticky Widget with flexible scrolling capabilities for your WordPress website.

Benefits of using Sticky Widget (Sticky Sidebar) as per instructions

  • Create a flexible Sticky Sidebar that slides up and down very smoothly and easily
  • Improve a better user experience
  • With the help of the plugin, you don't need to know too much about code
  • You just need to know a little CSS (very little) to do it
  • Applies to all types of themes, not just Flatsome
  • Can be used for Blog, Archive Blog, Shop, Products, Woocommerce,…
  • Remove all disadvantages of Fixed Widget
  • Boasts premium features of premium themes

The easiest way to create a Sticky Widget