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Huong dan kich hoat Wordfence Security Premium bat ky 2

Wordfence Premium is a premium version plugin that helps better secure the WordPress website. Next to Wordfence’s two rival plugins, Sucuri and Ithemes, the free version of Wordfence is completely overwhelming with many powerful features. You don’t have enough budget to buy this software. Don’t worry, will guide you to activate the latest Wordfence Premium software in 2023.

Introducing Wordfence Premium, the best website security plugin

If I were to choose one of my three website security plugins, I would use and recommend the Wordfence plugin. . The free version of this plugin is more than enough to use with many cool features that are limited in other plugins in the free version.

If you want to do it yourself (very simple – only takes 1 minute), continue reading the article below.

Features of Wordfence Premium after you have been active

  • Real-time updated IP address blacklist: Block all requests from IP addresses that are actively attacking WordPress sites protected by Wordfence
  • Update firewall rules continuously, daily and hourly: Wordfence Firewall uses firewall rules to identify and block malicious traffic to your site, protecting you from the latest WordPress attacks and security vulnerabilities
  • Update malware signatures anytime, anywhere: Wordfence’s security scanner and firewall rely on thousands of malware signatures to help identify malware on your site and block malicious uploads.
  • Check the general spam problem and see if it is blacklisted from other websites: With each scan, check if your website or IP address is blacklisted due to malicious activity, spam generation or spam spam.
  • Block all IPs of a country: Designed to prevent an attack, prevent content theft, or stop malicious activity originating from a geographic area in cyberspace
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Benefits of Active Wordfence Premium

Here are some benefits of following this guide and also reasons why you should use Wordfence Premium active:

  • Activate for free – clean version downloaded from
  • Just copy 2 short lines of code
  • No malware, no viruses, so 100% safe
  • You can do it yourself
  • When updating the plugin to the new version, the activation is not lost, there is no need to reactivate it (this is probably because Wordfence deliberately did not fix it so that you can use it for free).
  • The working time is less than 1 minute

Detailed instructions for the Active Wordfence Premium plugin without errors

Step 1: First you download Wordfence Free About, this is a free version that you download from or via the plugin installation interface of the admin management page. Install normally on the website Just like many other plugins

Step 2: Click on the admin page Plugin > File Editor Plugin:

Active Wordfence Premium Instructions
Active Wordfence Premium instructions – click on Plugin File Editor

Click in the top right corner and navigate to Plugins Wordfence security and press the button Select next:

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 1
Active Wordfence Premium Instructions – choose Wordfence plugin

Click on the folder libr Then find the file with the name wordfenceClass.php, click select Open this folder go up:

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 2
Active Wordfence Premium instructions – open folder

Press the key combination Ctrl+F (search) and then enter this line: if (!WFWAF_SUBDIRECTORY_INSTALL && $waf = wfWAF::getInstance()) {

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 3
Active Wordfence Premium Instructions – find lines similar to the image

Note these 3 rules:

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 4
Active Wordfence Premium Instructions

Add these 2 lines directly below:

wfConfig::set('isPaid', 1);
wfConfig::set('premiumNextRenew', time()+31536000);

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 5
Active Wordfence Premium Instructions

Click Update files To save the file:

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 9
Active Wordfence Premium Instructions – click the Update Files button

Okay, that’s all, now let’s open the Wordfence plugin to check the results. You come in Wordfence > Fire wall, will see all features enabled Fully 100% Okay:

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Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 6
Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium – full features

And the country blocking feature is fully activated, please Wordfence > Block:

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 7
Active Wordfence Premium Instructions – Country Blocking

One thing to note is when you enter Wordfence > Dashboard see the text again Upgrade to premiumFriend Don’t mind this line No matter what happens, Wordfence Premium is still fully activated 100% full functionsjust use it normally, without worrying about it:

Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium 8
Instructions for Active Wordfence Premium – full features

To conclude

With this message shared, you can convert the free version of Wordfence into a real Premium version that is offered for sale on the homepage for $100. This plugin protects your website from bad guys attacks. Hello, and see you in the next articles.

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