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How to set up your Mac with WordPress to develop a news site like ours

This post draws inspiration from NPR’s News Apps team’s comprehensive guide, “How to Set Up [...]

More than 6,700 WordPress sites have been infected by the new Balada Injector malware. Tech: Tech Times:

More than 6,700 WordPress sites fell victim to a sophisticated cyber campaign that deployed the [...]

Hacked WordPress sites use visitors' browsers to hack other sites

Hackers launch large-scale attacks on WordPress sites to inject scripts that force visitors' browsers to [...]

WordPress sites are vulnerable to an attack that uses visitors' browsers for a password-cracking botnet

As Engadget reports, cyber security researcher Dennis Sinegubko has been following website hacking for a [...]

Create your own Indian website like this and earn money sitting at home

New Delhi. Everyone likes to earn money. Everyone wants to earn money sitting at home. [...]

WordPress Zero-Day Exploit for Sale on the Dark Web

WordPress, a widely used content management system that powers millions of websites worldwide, has been [...]

I asked ChatGPT to write a WordPress plugin I needed. Did it in less than 5 minutes

Photo: Nicolas Maeterlinck/Belga Mag/AFP via Getty Images Not to put too fine a point on [...]

Hackers Sell 0-Day WordPress Exploits on Hacker Forums

A new hacker forum post advertises a 0-day WordPress exploit sale. The vendor claims that [...]

WordPress Site Builder Shuts Down – Devs Forced to Rebuild Client Sites

Cwicly WordPress website builder announced that they are shutting down by the end of the [...]