Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce Free Download v4.1.9 (MCF)

Introduction to Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce

Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce is an essential plugin for WooCommerce store owners who want to automate the shipping and fulfillment process. This powerful integration allows Amazon to pick, pack, ship, and track orders placed on your WooCommerce site. By leveraging Amazon's vast logistics network, you can eliminate the hassle of fulfillment and focus more on developing and selling great products.

In this article, we'll explore the key features of Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce, why it is beneficial, and how you can download the GPL-licensed version for free from

Summary Table of Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce

Feature Description
Version 4.1.9
File Type GPL
Last Updated 28-05-2023
Compatibility WooCommerce
Download Source
License GPL (General Public License)
Support Available separately from the original developer

Why Choose Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce?

Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce provides a seamless solution for automating your order fulfillment process. Here are five key reasons why you should consider using this plugin:

  1. Automated Order Fulfillment: Automatically sends orders from your WooCommerce site to Amazon Fulfillment, saving you time and effort in managing shipments.
  2. Flexible Shipping Options: Easily map WooCommerce shipping options to Amazon’s delivery speed categories (standard, expedited, and priority).
  3. Real-time Inventory Sync: Keeps your WooCommerce stock levels synchronized with your available inventory in Amazon, preventing overselling of products.
  4. Integrated Customer Experience: Customers can access shipping and tracking information directly from their order page, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  5. Manual Order Fulfillment: Provides the option to manually send orders to Amazon for specific cases or if your process requires manual approval before shipping.

Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce Plugin v4.1.9 Changelog

  • Fixed: Critical errors related to template queries.
  • Fixed: Issues with caching in the EA Instagram Feed.
  • Fixed: Missing icons in the EA Interactive Promo.
  • Improved: Code structure for better performance.
  • Improved: Asset generator method.
  • Improved: Performance of dynamic widgets.
  • Added: Dynamic support for post widgets.
  • Fixed: PHP error in EA Advanced Tooltip.
  • Fixed: Multi-layer effect issue in EA Parallax.
  • Miscellaneous: Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Key Features of Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce

  1. Toggle Product Fulfillment Mode: Easily switch the fulfillment mode for products from the all products list or within individual product settings.
  2. Automatic Market ID Switch: For EU region stores, the plugin automatically switches Market IDs based on the customer’s shipping address.
  3. Shipping Speed Mapping: Map WooCommerce shipping options to Amazon’s shipping speed categories: standard, expedited, and priority.
  4. Stock Level Synchronization: Keep your WooCommerce inventory levels in sync with your available stock in Amazon to avoid overselling.
  5. Mixed Fulfillment Orders: Fulfill orders containing both FBA and non-FBA products partially through Amazon.
  6. Customer Access to Shipping Information: Customers can view shipping and tracking information directly from their order page.
  7. Manual Order Fulfillment: Send orders to FBA manually for one-off special cases or if manual approval is needed before shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce?

Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce is a plugin that integrates Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) with your WooCommerce store, allowing Amazon to handle the shipping and fulfillment of your orders.

2. Is Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce compatible with all versions of WooCommerce?

Yes, the plugin is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

3. Can I use Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce on multiple websites?

Yes, the GPL license allows you to use Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce on unlimited websites without any restrictions.

4. How do I get technical support for Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce?

While the GPL version is free, technical support can be purchased separately from the original developers, which helps support ongoing development and improvements.


Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce is a game-changer for WooCommerce store owners looking to automate their fulfillment process and leverage Amazon's logistics network. With its comprehensive features, ease of use, and continuous updates, it is an excellent choice for streamlining your order fulfillment.

Downloading the GPL-licensed version from allows you to use this powerful tool on unlimited websites at no cost. However, consider purchasing support from the original developers to benefit from their expertise and contribute to the plugin's ongoing development. Simplify your fulfillment process today with Amazon Fulfillment for WooCommerce and enhance your operational efficiency.


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