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Plugin Name Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin v1.2.3.2
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Introduction to Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin

Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to improve your website's performance by managing and optimizing the loading of CSS and JavaScript files. It helps achieve higher page speed scores, enhancing both user experience and search engine rankings. The plugin allows you to unload unused styles and scripts on specific pages, defer and async JavaScript files, and clean up HTML code.

Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin Key Features

Unloading Unused Styles & Scripts

Asset CleanUp Pro allows you to unload unused CSS and JavaScript files on specific pages, reducing page load time and improving performance. You can unload assets on taxonomy pages, author pages, search pages, 404 pages, and date archive pages.

Defer and Async JavaScript Files

The plugin provides options to defer and async JavaScript files, ensuring they do not block the initial page load. This optimization technique improves page speed and overall user experience.

Bulk Optimization

With Asset CleanUp Pro, you can apply optimization settings in bulk across multiple pages. This feature allows you to efficiently manage and optimize your website's assets without manually configuring each page.

Compatibility with Caching Plugins

Asset CleanUp Pro works seamlessly with popular caching plugins such as WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, and W3 Total Cache. This compatibility ensures that you can eliminate bloat by stopping unnecessary CSS/JS from loading before the caching plugin takes over for further optimization.

Advanced Asset Management

The plugin offers advanced asset management capabilities, including setting async and defer attributes for JavaScript files and cleaning up HTML code by removing unnecessary elements from the HEAD section of your website.

User-Friendly Interface

Asset CleanUp Pro features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and advanced users to optimize their website. The plugin provides detailed settings and options to customize the optimization process according to your needs.

Testing Mode

Before applying changes live, Asset CleanUp Pro allows you to test optimizations in a safe environment. This feature ensures that any modifications you make do not break the functionality of your website.

Detailed Changelog and Updates

Asset CleanUp Pro keeps users informed with a detailed changelog of updates and improvements. This transparency helps users stay up-to-date with the latest features and fixes.

Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin Changelog

Version Updates

  • CSS/JS Unloading for Custom Post Type Archive Pages: Unload assets on custom post type archive pages.
  • PHP Error Fixes: Resolved PHP errors related to WP_Error and WP Remote Post.
  • Compatibility Notices: Added notices for jQuery Migrate not loading from WordPress 5.5.
  • WooCommerce Alerts: Added alerts for unloading critical WooCommerce assets.
  • Oxygen Plugin Compatibility: Ensured compatibility with Oxygen plugin when managing in the front-end view.
  • AJAX Request Handling: Improved handling of AJAX requests to prevent unintended blocking.
  • New Action Hooks: Added action hooks before and after the plugin’s CSS/JS caching is cleared.
  • Yoast SEO Compatibility Fixes: Prevented errors related to SCRIPT tags minification.
  • Protocol Handling Fixes: Improved handling of HTTP/2 protocol and mixed HTTP/HTTPS requests.

Why Choose Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin?

1. Comprehensive Performance Optimization

Asset CleanUp Pro offers a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize your website’s performance. From unloading unused assets to applying async and defer attributes to JavaScript files, it covers all aspects of performance enhancement.

2. Improved Page Speed

By reducing the number of HTTP requests and minifying CSS/JS files, Asset CleanUp Pro significantly improves your website's page speed, leading to better user experience and higher search engine rankings.

3. Seamless Integration

The plugin integrates seamlessly with popular caching plugins and other optimization tools, ensuring a cohesive and efficient optimization process for your WordPress site.

4. User-Friendly and Safe

With a user-friendly interface and a safe testing mode, Asset CleanUp Pro makes it easy for users of all skill levels to optimize their website without risking functionality issues.

5. GPL Licensed for Unlimited Use

Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin is GPL licensed, allowing you to use it on an unlimited number of websites. This open-source licensing model supports transparency and community-driven development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin compatible with all WordPress themes?

Yes, Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes. For the best experience, it is recommended to use themes optimized for performance.

2. Can I use Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin on multiple websites?

Yes, Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin is GPL licensed, allowing you to use it on an unlimited number of websites without any legal concerns.

3. How does the plugin improve site performance?

Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin improves site performance by unloading unused CSS/JS files, applying async and defer attributes to JavaScript files, and optimizing HTML code. These optimizations reduce page load time and improve user experience.

4. Do I need technical skills to use Asset CleanUp Pro?

While Asset CleanUp Pro offers advanced features, it also provides a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users of all technical levels. The plugin includes detailed documentation to guide you through the setup and configuration process.

How to Download Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin v1.2.3.2

We've shared here 100% GPL licensed file so you can use this file on your website or your client’s website without any worry. The shared file is not a nulled or cracked version. We downloaded these files from the original GPL file provider and shared them here for free download for everyone.

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Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin v1.2.3.2 is an essential tool for any WordPress site looking to optimize its performance. With features like comprehensive asset management, advanced optimization techniques, and seamless integration with caching plugins, Asset CleanUp Pro ensures your website runs efficiently and effectively.

For a reliable and effective solution to improve your site's speed and performance, download Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin today from and start optimizing your WordPress site with confidence.


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