Blocksy Companion Pro Free Download v1.8.91 [Activated]

Blocksy Companion Pro Plugin Free Download v1.8.91 [Activated]

In the world of WordPress, customization is key to creating a unique and functional website. One tool that can help you achieve this is the Blocksy Companion Pro Plugin. Today, we're excited to share with you Blocksy Companion Pro v1.8.91, and the best part is, it's fully activated and ready to supercharge your WordPress site.

Unlocking the Power of Blocksy Companion Pro

Blocksy Companion Pro is more than just a plugin; it's your gateway to a world of advanced website customization. Whether you're a seasoned WordPress user or just starting out, this plugin has something for everyone. Let's take a closer look at some of its key features:

Enhanced Header Builder

Create stunning headers with ease. Blocksy Companion Pro allows you to build an unlimited number of advanced headers and display them on specific pages based on conditions you set. Whether you need a different header for your homepage or a landing page, this feature has you covered.

Header Pro Elements

Explore a range of new header elements that open up endless possibilities for your headers. Each element is meticulously designed to align with Blocksy's original design language, ensuring a cohesive and professional look for your website.

Content Blocks (Hooks)

Design content using your favorite tools and display it anywhere on your website, guided by intuitive visual cues. With Blocksy Companion Pro, you have the flexibility to create engaging content that captivates your audience.

Display Anywhere

Utilize any existing action from WordPress or third-party plugins to showcase your content blocks. Whether you want to display content based on user interactions or specific triggers, the possibilities are endless.

User Role Conditions

Show tailored content based on the user's role. You can now customize the user experience by displaying content that's relevant to each user's role, enhancing personalization and engagement.

Set Expiration Time

Implement time-limited content blocks with ease. Blocksy Companion Pro allows you to set an expiration time for content, ensuring that it's displayed for a specific duration before being automatically removed.

Create Custom 404 Pages

Say goodbye to generic 404 error pages. With Blocksy Companion Pro, you can replace the default 404 page with a custom content block. Use your preferred design tools to craft a 404 page that matches your website's style and provides helpful information to lost visitors.

Create Custom Headers and Footers

While Blocksy's built-in header builder is excellent, there may be times when you require full control. Blocksy Companion Pro empowers you to create custom headers and footers, giving you complete design freedom.

Create Mega Menus

Enhance your website's navigation with stunning mega menus. Design captivating drop-down menus and include any type of content within them. From adjusting overlay widths to defining column layouts, you have full control over your mega menus.

Custom Fonts

Take typography to the next level by adding custom fonts to your website. Blocksy Companion Pro allows you to incorporate an unlimited number of WOFF fonts, customize variations for each font, and even use variable fonts for flexible font weights.

Blocksy Companion Pro ensures GDPR compliance by enabling you to offload Google Fonts from your server. You can select the fonts you need, and Blocksy will handle the rest, reducing reliance on external servers and ensuring data privacy.

GPL License and Authenticity

It's crucial to emphasize that the version of Blocksy Companion Pro we're providing is not a nulled or cracked file. It's a 100% genuine GPL (General Public License) file, which means it's open-source and can be used on unlimited websites without any restrictions.

File Details

  • File Name: Blocksy Companion Pro Free Download
  • File Type: GPL
  • File Version: v1.8.91
  • Last Updated: 15-06-2023

How to Install Blocksy Theme and Blocksy Companion Pro

If you're eager to elevate your WordPress website with Blocksy Companion Pro, follow these straightforward installation steps:

Where to Acquire Blocksy Companion Pro

You can obtain Blocksy Companion Pro from the official website to support the developers and gain access to professional templates and dedicated support.

Keep in mind that when updating GPL version files, it's best to check for updates from the original source or contact the developer for the latest files.

Download Blocksy Companion Pro GPL file for free from the link below:


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