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Introduction to BuddyBoss Theme

BuddyBoss Theme is a powerful WordPress theme designed to enhance the functionality and appearance of the BuddyBoss Platform. This theme is ideal for creating online communities, membership sites, and e-learning platforms. With BuddyBoss, you gain flexibility, control, and the freedom to build a successful online presence.

In this article, we'll delve into the core features of the BuddyBoss Theme, its benefits, and provide information on how to download the GPL-licensed version for free from mmosites.com.

Summary Table of BuddyBoss Theme

Feature Description
Version 2.3.40
File Type GPL
Last Updated 28-05-2023
Compatibility BuddyBoss Platform
Download Source mmosites.com
License GPL (General Public License)
Support Available separately from the original developer

Why Choose BuddyBoss Theme?

BuddyBoss Theme offers a variety of features designed to enhance your online platform. Here are five key reasons why you should consider using this theme:

  1. Versatile Online Learning and Membership: Easily share knowledge and passion, build an engaged audience, and grow your revenue with structured training, social learning, and gamification.
  2. Dynamic Online Communities: Foster a community where members can connect, engage, and interact within forums and groups, enhancing loyalty and customer feedback.
  3. Corporate Training Solutions: Centralize training for your workforce, with features supporting structured training, micro-learning, and social learning, all accessible on-the-go through AppBoss integration.
  4. Non-Profit and Educational Use: Reduce onboarding and training costs for staff and volunteers, and provide continuous education through online courses and community engagement features.
  5. Mobile App Integration: With AppBoss integration, create a white-label mobile app to keep your community, students, or staff connected and engaged wherever they are.

BuddyBoss Theme v2.3.40 Changelog

  • Activity: Fixed right sidebar disappearing on refresh when the page has two sidebars.
  • Activity: Fixed scrolling issues on mobile when the page has two sidebars.
  • Messages: Improved mobile experience by fixing scrolling and text editor issues.
  • Email Invitations: Enhanced mobile layout, allowing ‘Sent Invitations’ table to scroll.
  • Forums: Fixed tags displaying on the frontend when ‘Discussion tags’ is disabled.
  • Events Calendar Pro: Added compatibility for add-on plugin ‘Schedule Day View’.
  • LearnDash: Fixed display of long lesson titles for free courses when not enrolled.
  • WooCommerce: Fixed outdated template notice after WooCommerce 4.1.0 update.
  • WooCommerce: Fixed issue with widgets not appearing on single product sidebar.
  • Yoast SEO: Fixed breadcrumbs not visible when ‘Sticky Header’ is enabled.
  • Translations: Updated German (formal) language files.

Key Features of BuddyBoss Theme

  1. Promoting Courses Online: Share knowledge and build your audience with structured training, micro-learning, social learning, and gamification. Supports AppBoss integration for mobile learning.
  2. Online Communities: Enable members to connect and engage within forums and groups, building loyalty and providing valuable feedback.
  3. Online Membership Programs: Build a recurring revenue stream with membership features and gamification, and use AppBoss for mobile connectivity.
  4. Corporate Training: Provide a centralized training hub with structured courses and social learning, accessible via a white-label mobile app.
  5. Non-Profit Organizations: Reduce onboarding and training costs with online courses and community features, accessible through a custom mobile app.
  6. Online Schools & Blended Learning: Support flexible learning environments with structured training, social learning, and gamification, available on mobile through AppBoss.
  7. Responsive Design: Ensure your site looks great on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.
  8. Customizable Layouts: Easily customize the appearance of your site to match your brand identity.
  9. SEO Optimization: Built with SEO best practices to help your site rank higher in search engine results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BuddyBoss Theme?

BuddyBoss Theme is a WordPress theme designed to enhance the functionality and appearance of the BuddyBoss Platform, allowing for the creation of online communities, membership sites, and e-learning platforms.

2. Is BuddyBoss Theme compatible with all versions of BuddyBoss Platform?

Yes, BuddyBoss Theme is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of the BuddyBoss Platform.

3. Can I use BuddyBoss Theme on multiple websites?

Yes, the GPL license allows you to use BuddyBoss Theme on unlimited websites without any restrictions.

4. How do I get technical support for BuddyBoss Theme?

While the GPL version is free, technical support can be purchased separately from the original developers, which helps support ongoing development and improvements.


BuddyBoss Theme is a versatile and powerful solution for creating engaging online communities, membership sites, and e-learning platforms. With its extensive features, mobile app integration, and continuous updates, it stands out as an excellent choice for building a dynamic online presence.

Downloading the GPL-licensed version from mmosites.com allows you to leverage this theme on unlimited websites at no cost. However, consider purchasing support from the original developers to benefit from their expertise and contribute to the theme's ongoing development. Enhance your online platform today with BuddyBoss Theme and experience the difference in user engagement and functionality.


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