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Darklup Plugin is an advanced dark mode plugin for WordPress, designed to enhance the visual appeal and readability of your website by providing a customizable dark mode. This plugin is highly useful for users who prefer a darker interface, especially during nighttime browsing. In this article, we will provide an in-depth overview of the Darklup Plugin, its key features, reasons to choose it, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Product Summary

Feature Description
Plugin Name Darklup Plugin
Version 3.1.2
Category WordPress Plugin
License GPL
Free/Paid Free
Compatibility WordPress
Provider mmosites.com

Introduction to Darklup Plugin

Darklup Plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables dark mode on your website. This feature is particularly popular for its ability to reduce eye strain and improve readability in low-light environments. Darklup Plugin offers a range of customization options, making it easy to adapt the dark mode to fit your website's design and user preferences. With support for both frontend and backend dark modes, this plugin ensures a consistent dark mode experience across your entire site.

Key Features of Darklup Plugin

OS Based Dark Mode

Darklup Plugin automatically detects your operating system's dark mode preference and adjusts the website's appearance accordingly, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Dark Switch Styles

Choose from a variety of stylish dark mode switch buttons to match your website's design. These switches allow users to easily toggle dark mode on and off.

Time-Based Dark Mode

Set a schedule for dark mode activation based on your local time. This feature automatically turns dark mode on or off at your specified times, providing a hassle-free experience.

Ready-to-Use Dark Color Scheme

Select from multiple dark color presets to instantly apply an attractive dark mode to your website. Customize the color scheme to enhance the visual appeal of your site.

Backend Dark Mode

Dark mode is not limited to frontend users. Enable dark mode for the admin panel to create a comfortable working environment for backend users.

Frontend Dark Mode

Allow your visitors to enjoy a pleasant reading experience by enabling dark mode on the frontend of your site. Users can toggle dark mode with a simple switch button.

Floating Switch

Place the dark mode switch button anywhere on your website, including the footer, for easy access. The floating switch ensures that users can toggle dark mode from any part of the page.

Customizable Switch Icons and Colors

Customize the icons, background, and palette colors of the dark mode switches to match your website's theme and design.

WooCommerce Compatibility

The Darklup Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to exclude specific products or categories from dark mode. This ensures a consistent shopping experience for your users.

What's New in Darklup Plugin v3.1.2

  • Default Dark Mode: Set dark mode as the default appearance for your website.
  • Floating Switch Customization: Customize the floating switch button for better user experience.
  • Tooltip Settings: Add tooltips to the dark mode switch for better accessibility.
  • New Color Presets: Additional color presets for both frontend and backend.
  • Accessibility Switch: A new switch added for enhanced accessibility.
  • Improved Text Color Matching: Ensures text color matches any theme.
  • Exclude WooCommerce Products and Categories: Exclude specific products or categories from dark mode.

Why Choose Darklup Plugin?

1. Enhance User Experience

Dark mode provides a more comfortable reading experience, especially in low-light conditions, reducing eye strain and improving overall user satisfaction.

2. Seamless Integration

Darklup Plugin integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site and popular tools like WooCommerce, ensuring a consistent experience across all pages and products.

3. Customizable Options

With a wide range of customization options, you can tailor the dark mode to match your website's design, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

4. Improved Accessibility

Darklup Plugin includes features designed to enhance accessibility, such as customizable switches and tooltips, making your site more user-friendly.

5. Easy to Use

The plugin is easy to install and configure, with user-friendly settings that make it simple to enable and customize dark mode on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I install Darklup Plugin?

To install Darklup Plugin, download the GPL file from mmosites.com, upload it to your WordPress site, and activate it from the plugins menu.

2. Can I use Darklup Plugin on multiple sites?

Yes, the plugin is GPL licensed, allowing you to use it on multiple websites without any restrictions.

3. Does Darklup Plugin support WooCommerce?

Yes, Darklup Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce and allows you to exclude specific products or categories from dark mode.

4. How can I get technical support for Darklup Plugin?

For technical support, you should purchase it separately from the original developer. This helps support further development and improvements.


Darklup Plugin is an essential tool for WordPress users looking to enhance their website with a customizable dark mode. Its wide range of features and seamless integration with popular tools make it a versatile choice for improving user experience and accessibility.

For more information and to download Darklup Plugin, visit mmosites.com. Enhance your website today with this powerful and user-friendly dark mode plugin.


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