Divi Machine Free Download [v5.3.0]

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Feature Description
Product Name Divi Machine
Version 5.3.0
Category WordPress Plugin
License GPL (General Public License)
File Type 100% Genuine GPL File
Usage Unlimited Websites
Developer Divi Engine

Divi Machine Free Download: Unlock Custom Post Types for Dynamic Content

Divi Machine Free Download is a powerful plugin designed to enhance the capabilities of the Divi theme by allowing users to create custom post types. This makes it possible to build dynamically generated content for various purposes, such as car rentals, real estate listings, team members, testimonials, and much more. With Divi Machine, you can leverage the full potential of Divi to create advanced and versatile websites.

Introduction to Divi Machine

Divi Machine is an essential plugin for any Divi user looking to create sophisticated websites with custom post types. By extending the functionality of Divi, this plugin enables you to design dynamic and data-driven websites with ease. Here’s why you should consider using Divi Machine:

  • Custom Post Types: Create and manage custom post types to build a wide variety of content structures.
  • Dynamic Content: Use custom post types to display dynamically generated content, enhancing the interactivity and relevance of your site.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates smoothly with the Divi theme, maintaining the familiar Divi Builder experience.

Product Information Table

Feature Description
Post Modal Create interactive modal pop-ups for posts.
Custom Taxonomies Define and manage custom taxonomies for better content organization.
Linked Post Types Link related custom post types for a more interconnected site structure.
Tabs, Accordion & Tables Display content in an organized manner using tabs, accordions, and tables.
ACF Map Integrate Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) maps for location-based content.
Free Layout Packs Access pre-built layout packs to jumpstart your design process.
Custom Posts Easily create and manage custom post types.
ACF Integration Seamless integration with ACF for advanced custom fields.
Archive Pages Design custom archive pages to display lists of custom post types.
Single Pages Create detailed single pages for custom post types.
Ajax Filters Implement Ajax-based filters for dynamic content filtering.
Ajax Sorting Use Ajax sorting to organize content dynamically.
Ajax Load More Add Ajax load more functionality to paginate content dynamically.
Search Forms Build custom search forms to enhance site navigation.
ACF Repeater Utilize ACF repeater fields for complex data structures.
Slider/Carousel Create interactive sliders and carousels for displaying content.
Gallery Build dynamic galleries for showcasing images.
Grid/Masonry Layouts Display content in grid or masonry layouts for a modern look.
Custom Class & Tags Customize classes and tags for better CSS management.
Visual Builder Compatible Fully compatible with the Divi Visual Builder for an intuitive design experience.

Divi Machine Documentation

For comprehensive guidance on using Divi Machine, please refer to the official documentation available on the Divi Engine website. The documentation covers all aspects of the plugin, from installation to advanced usage, ensuring you get the most out of every feature.

Divi Machine Free Download

We are providing a 100% GPL-licensed file for Divi Machine v5.3.0. This file is not nulled or cracked; it’s a genuine GPL file that you can use on unlimited websites without any restrictions. Download it from the links provided below:

Why Choose Divi Machine?

Here are five compelling reasons to choose Divi Machine:

  1. Versatile Content Creation: Divi Machine enables you to create a wide range of custom post types, making it ideal for diverse content needs such as real estate listings, car rentals, and more.
  2. Dynamic and Interactive Content: The plugin’s features, such as Ajax filters and sorting, allow for dynamically generated and interactive content, enhancing user engagement.
  3. Seamless Integration with Divi: Designed to integrate perfectly with Divi, the plugin ensures a smooth and intuitive experience for Divi users.
  4. Advanced Customization Options: With support for ACF and a wide range of customization options, you can build highly tailored websites to meet specific requirements.
  5. Regular Updates and Support: Benefit from continuous improvements and dedicated support from the developers, ensuring your plugin remains up-to-date and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Divi Machine compatible with the latest version of Divi?
    • Yes, Divi Machine is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Divi and WordPress.
  2. Can I use Divi Machine on multiple websites?
    • Absolutely, with the GPL license, you can use Divi Machine on unlimited websites.
  3. How do I update Divi Machine?
    • Updates can be downloaded from the official website or through your WordPress dashboard if you have an active license.
  4. Do I get customer support with the free version?
    • While the GPL version includes all features, technical support is typically only available to customers who purchase a license from the official website.


Divi Machine is an essential plugin for anyone looking to extend the capabilities of the Divi theme with custom post types and dynamic content. Its extensive feature set, combined with its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Divi, makes it a valuable tool for any WordPress site using the Divi theme. Whether you are a developer or a site owner, Divi Machine provides the tools you need to create sophisticated and interactive websites.

For a reliable, powerful, and feature-rich Divi addon, Divi Machine is the best choice. Download your copy today from mmosites.com and start enhancing your Divi experience with ease.


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