LearnDash Private Sessions v1.3.8.2 Free Download [SnapOrbital]

We're thrilled to present LearnDash Private Sessions, an indispensable add-on designed to enhance your LearnDash experience. With LearnDash Private Sessions, you gain access to a powerful messaging system tailored specifically for your LearnDash platform. This innovative add-on empowers group leaders to initiate private one-on-one discussion sessions with their students, fostering personalized engagement and providing tailored support that goes beyond the limitations of open forums.

Key Features of LearnDash Private Sessions

1. Mobile Friendly

LearnDash Private Sessions is fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing you and your students to engage seamlessly on the go. Whether it's a quick discussion inline at the bank or during a commute, you can stay connected and provide support wherever your learners are.

2. File Uploads

Facilitate collaborative learning by enabling both you and your students to upload and discuss files within private sessions. This feature opens up new opportunities for content enrichment and fosters deeper engagement with course materials.

3. Customizable Notifications

Keep everyone informed and engaged with customizable email notifications. Receive alerts when new sessions are initiated or when there's a new response, ensuring that important communications are never overlooked.

4. Customizable Settings

Take full control of your private sessions with customizable settings. Determine who can start a new session, specify which users sessions can be initiated with, and define where new sessions can be started, tailoring the experience to meet your unique requirements.

5. New Message Indicator

Stay on top of your private sessions with the new messages tab indicator. Never miss an important communication, as the indicator alerts you to unread messages, ensuring that all correspondence is promptly addressed.

6. Compatible With Any Theme

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any theme, LearnDash Private Sessions offers full compatibility and customization options. Adapt the color scheme to align with your branding and maintain a cohesive user experience across your platform.

LearnDash Private Sessions Documentation

For technical support and detailed documentation, we recommend reaching out to the original developers of LearnDash Private Sessions. They can provide comprehensive assistance and guidance to ensure optimal usage and integration with your LearnDash platform.

Live Demo: Explore a live demonstration of LearnDash Private Sessions on SnapOrbital.

LearnDash Private Sessions Free Download

Access the LearnDash Private Sessions add-on by clicking the link below:

Download LearnDash Private Sessions

Rest assured, this download is 100% GPL licensed, enabling you to utilize the add-on on your website or your client’s website without any legal constraints. The shared file is genuine and sourced directly from the original GPL file provider, ensuring authenticity and reliability.

Unlock the full potential of your LearnDash platform with LearnDash Private Sessions. Download now and elevate your e-learning experience with personalized engagement and support.


Q: Can I use LearnDash Private Sessions with any LearnDash theme?

A: Yes, LearnDash Private Sessions is designed to seamlessly integrate with any LearnDash theme. You can customize the colors to match your branding and maintain a cohesive user experience across your platform.

Q: Is technical support available for LearnDash Private Sessions?

A: While technical support for LearnDash Private Sessions is not included with the free download, you can reach out to the original developers for assistance. They can provide comprehensive guidance and support to ensure optimal usage and integration with your LearnDash platform.

Q: How can I customize notifications for new private sessions?

A: LearnDash Private Sessions allows you to customize email notifications for new sessions. You can specify who receives notifications and tailor the content to meet your specific communication needs.


Elevate your LearnDash experience with LearnDash Private Sessions, a powerful add-on that enhances engagement and collaboration within your e-learning platform. By offering personalized one-on-one discussion sessions, you can provide tailored support to your students, fostering deeper learning and driving greater success.

With features like mobile optimization, file uploads, customizable notifications, and compatibility with any LearnDash theme, LearnDash Private Sessions offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Download now to unlock the full potential of your LearnDash platform and take your e-learning initiatives to new heights


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