OLX WooCommerce v2.1.6 [WPDesk]

Reach millions of potential customers in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Portugal, Romania or Ukraine with the OLX WooCommerce Nulled integration and gain an additional sales channel for your products.

Exploring OLX WooCommerce v2.1.6 by WPDesk


OLX WooCommerce v2.1.6 by WPDesk is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of WooCommerce, transforming your online store into a feature-rich marketplace similar to OLX. This plugin offers a wide range of features and tools to enable users to create and manage listings, facilitate communication between buyers and sellers, and streamline the buying and selling process. Let's delve into the key features and benefits of OLX WooCommerce.

Key Features:

1. Marketplace Functionality:

OLX WooCommerce transforms your WooCommerce-powered website into a full-fledged marketplace platform, allowing multiple sellers to list and sell products on your site. With support for vendor accounts, product listings, and order management, you can create a dynamic marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact and transact seamlessly.

2. Seller Dashboard:

This plugin provides sellers with a dedicated dashboard where they can manage their listings, track orders, and communicate with buyers. Sellers have access to tools and features to create, edit, and delete listings, monitor sales performance, and respond to customer inquiries, enhancing their overall selling experience.

3. Advanced Listing Management:

OLX WooCommerce offers advanced listing management capabilities, allowing sellers to create detailed product listings with images, descriptions, pricing, and shipping information. Sellers can customize their listings, set product categories and tags, and optimize their listings for search engines to maximize visibility and attract buyers.

4. Communication Tools:

Facilitating communication between buyers and sellers is crucial for a successful marketplace. OLX WooCommerce provides built-in communication tools, such as messaging systems and contact forms, to enable seamless communication between buyers and sellers. This helps build trust and transparency, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

5. Payment and Shipping Integration:

This plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce's payment and shipping features, allowing sellers to accept payments and manage shipping options directly from their dashboard. Sellers can set up their preferred payment gateways, configure shipping methods, and track order fulfillment to ensure a smooth buying experience for customers.


In conclusion, OLX WooCommerce v2.1.6 by WPDesk is a versatile plugin that empowers you to create a thriving marketplace within your WooCommerce-powered website. With its marketplace functionality, seller dashboard, advanced listing management, communication tools, and seamless integration with WooCommerce's payment and shipping features, OLX WooCommerce offers everything you need to build and manage a successful online marketplace similar to OLX. Whether you're starting a new marketplace or looking to expand your existing e-commerce business, OLX WooCommerce provides the tools and flexibility to help you achieve your goal.

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