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The Events Calendar Pro: Features and Free Download Guide


The Events Calendar Pro is a premium add-on designed to complement the open-source The Events Calendar plugin. It offers a range of advanced features for efficiently creating and managing events on your website. In this article, we'll explore these features and provide guidance on how to download it for free.

Features of The Events Calendar Pro

  1. Customization Options: The developer-friendly code of The Events Calendar Pro is highly customizable. This allows you to tailor the calendar to match your website's branding by adjusting color schemes, fonts, layouts, and other settings.
  2. Easy Event Importation: With The Events Calendar Pro, you can effortlessly import events from other calendars, such as Google Calendar, iCalendar, or CSV files. This feature saves you significant time and effort compared to manually adding each event.
  3. Time Zone Support: Setting the correct time zone for your events ensures they are displayed accurately for all users, regardless of their location. The Events Calendar Pro fully supports time zones, simplifying event scheduling and coordination across different regions.
  4. Multiple Calendar Views: The plugin offers flexible calendar views, allowing you to showcase events by day, month, or in a list format. Each view seamlessly integrates with your WordPress theme, enabling you to select the most suitable display style for your website's design.
  5. Featured Events: Highlighting specific events can boost engagement and attendance. The Events Calendar Pro lets you spotlight special events by featuring them prominently within your calendar.
  6. Recurring Events: Managing monthly, weekly, and custom recurring events is made hassle-free with The Events Calendar Pro. This feature streamlines event setup and administration, saving you time and minimizing complexity.
  7. Additional Views: In addition to standard calendar views, The Events Calendar Pro provides extra views such as image grids, maps, weekly summaries, and more. These views allow you to present your events in diverse ways, enhancing the user experience for your visitors.
  8. Shortcodes and Blocks: Easily embed The Events Calendar or specific events anywhere on your website using shortcodes and blocks. You can also utilize them to display countdowns to upcoming events or highlight featured venues.
  9. Advanced Widgets: Widgets offer an effective way to share events from various sections of your website. The Events Calendar Pro offers advanced widgets for displaying mini calendar grid views, upcoming events, featured venues, and event countdowns.

Downloading The Events Calendar Pro for Free

To access The Events Calendar Pro for free, simply follow the Mega or Mediafire link provided in this article. Please note that this is a 100% genuine GPL-licensed file, allowing you to use it on an unlimited number of websites. However, if you require technical support, it is recommended to purchase it separately from the original developer to contribute to further product development.


The Events Calendar Pro is a powerful add-on that enhances event management on your website. With its customization options, diverse calendar views, recurring event support, and advanced widgets, you can effortlessly create and manage events. Downloading The Events Calendar Pro for free provides an excellent opportunity to explore its features before considering separate technical support.

The Events Calendar Pro Documentation:

Please remember that if you want technical support for these files, you can purchase it separately from the original developer of these scripts. This helps support ongoing product development as well.

For a live demonstration, please visit: Live Demo


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