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Name Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin
Version v4.13.0
Category WordPress Plugin
Compatibility WordPress 5.0+
License GPLv2 or later
Last Updated May 2024

Introduction to Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0

The Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0 is a powerful tool that connects your WordPress plugins, sites, and favorite apps, enabling you to create complex workflows with ease. With no coding required, this plugin allows you to automate tasks and save time, reducing the need for custom development and additional plugins. Whether you're managing a membership site, handling form submissions, or integrating various services, Uncanny Automator Pro streamlines your processes efficiently.

Product Information

Key Features

  • Trigger-Based Automations: Start automations based on specific triggers such as page visits, course completions, form entries, or incoming webhook data.
  • WPForms Integration: Automatically add users to membership levels, change their roles, and send data to Google Sheets or other apps based on form submissions.
  • Automated Actions: Run automations automatically, freeing up your time and reducing the need for manual interventions.
  • No-Code Integrations: Build powerful integrations without needing to write any code.
  • Multi-Step Workflows: Create workflows that include multiple steps and conditions for greater control.
  • Delay Actions: Schedule actions to occur at specific times or after a set delay.
  • External App Integration: Connect with over 2000 apps via Zapier or direct integrations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design that makes creating and managing automations simple.
  • Extensive Documentation: Access comprehensive guides and tutorials to get the most out of the plugin.

Why Choose Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0?

Choosing Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0 offers numerous benefits for anyone looking to automate their WordPress site’s workflows. Here are five compelling reasons to choose this plugin:

1. Powerful Trigger-Based Automations

With Uncanny Automator Pro, you can set up automations to trigger based on a wide range of events. Whether it’s a user visiting a specific page, completing a course, or submitting a form, you have full control over what starts your automations.

2. Seamless WPForms Integration

This plugin integrates seamlessly with WPForms, allowing you to automate actions based on form submissions. Automatically add users to membership levels, change their roles, or send data to other apps like Google Sheets without any manual effort.

3. Time-Saving Automation

By automating repetitive tasks, Uncanny Automator Pro frees up your time, letting you focus on more important aspects of your business. The plugin runs automations automatically, ensuring that your workflows are carried out efficiently.

4. No Coding Required

You don’t need any coding knowledge to create powerful workflows with Uncanny Automator Pro. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and manage automations, making it accessible to users of all technical levels.

5. Extensive App Integration

Uncanny Automator Pro supports integration with over 2000 apps via Zapier and other direct integrations. This flexibility allows you to connect your WordPress site with a wide range of external services, enhancing your site’s functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I install Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0?

To install Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0, download the plugin from mmosites.com, upload it to your WordPress site, and activate it through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

2. Can I create multi-step workflows with this plugin?

Yes, Uncanny Automator Pro allows you to create complex workflows with multiple steps and conditions, giving you greater control over your automations.

3. Is the plugin compatible with older versions of WordPress?

Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0 is compatible with WordPress 5.0+ for optimal performance. It is recommended to update your WordPress to the latest version for the best experience.

4. What kind of support is available for the plugin?

Comprehensive documentation is available for Uncanny Automator Pro. For technical support, you can purchase it separately from the original developer. This supports further development and ensures you have access to professional assistance.


The Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0 is an essential tool for anyone looking to automate workflows on their WordPress site. Its robust features, including powerful trigger-based automations, seamless WPForms integration, time-saving automation, no-code setup, and extensive app integration, make it a top choice for streamlining your site’s operations.

By choosing Uncanny Automator Pro from mmosites.com, you are investing in a reliable and efficient automation solution that enhances your website’s functionality. Visit mmosites.com today to download Uncanny Automator Pro Plugin v4.13.0 and transform your WordPress site into a fully automated powerhouse.


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