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Today, we are excited to offer WP Robot for free download to all users. It's important to note that the shared file is not WP Robot nulled or cracked; it's a 100% genuine GPL file, fully compliant with licensing regulations. This GPL file grants you the freedom to use it on unlimited websites, ensuring maximum flexibility and value.

Key Features of WP Robot v5.3.7

  • Autoblogging For Any Topic: WP Robot empowers you to create automated posts on virtually any subject or keyword imaginable. With access to over 20 content sources, WP Robot ensures high-quality content availability for all niches.
  • Unlimited Keywords and Campaigns: WP Robot's campaign system is highly flexible, allowing you to create posts for an unlimited number of keywords on each blog. Additionally, long-tail keywords are fully supported.
  • Monetization Options: With integration of 9 major affiliate networks, WP Robot enables automatic posting of affiliate products, facilitating commission earnings from your websites.
  • Powerful Post Templates: WP Robot's templating system allows for extensive customization, enabling you to define the appearance of your autoposts, combine different modules, and randomize the output.
  • Content Curation: WP Robot supports posting drafts and allows for manual review, facilitating the creation of curated content by incorporating your own insights and ideas.
  • Randomization: Various randomization features ensure that your autoblog maintains a natural appearance with diverse content and no discernible patterns that might trigger search engine scrutiny.
  • Compatibility With All WordPress Themes: WP Robot seamlessly integrates with all WordPress themes, including specialized themes for video, image galleries, or online stores, giving you complete control over your blog's appearance.
  • Full Control: You have control over the number of autoposts, post types, new post status, posting categories, and user accounts. WP Robot offers comprehensive settings for every aspect of autoblogging.
  • Autoblogging With No Setup: WP Robot is ready to start autoblogging immediately after installation. While the plugin utilizes WordPress' own cron-job by default, advanced users have the option to set up their own cron-jobs.
  • Fully Legal: WP Robot operates within the bounds of legality, utilizing content sources that are authorized for use and publication on your blog. The plugin utilizes official API packages provided by content providers.
  • Featured Images and Image Storage: WP Robot automatically saves all remote images to your server, enhancing your search results. Additionally, WP Robot assigns a featured image for use in your WordPress theme.
  • International Support: WP Robot facilitates autoblogging in multiple languages, including German, Spanish, Italian, French, and more, expanding your reach to global audiences.
  • Automatic Tagging and Keyword Replacement: WP Robot adds related tags to your blog for each created autopost, and you can opt to have the plugin replace specific keywords or insert links for SEO purposes.
  • Bulk Posting and Backdating: Quickly populate a new website with content using WP Robot's bulk posting feature. With a single click, you can create hundreds of high-quality articles and backdate them for a natural appearance.
  • Content Curation and Manual Review: For utmost quality control, WP Robot can create draft posts for manual review before publishing, ensuring only the highest-quality content reaches your audience.
  • Detailed Logs and Reporting: WP Robot maintains detailed logs and reports of all automated posts created, allowing you to easily review its activity and performance.
  • No Duplicate Content: Advanced checks and verifications prevent WP Robot from posting duplicate content on your site, safeguarding your site's reputation and SEO rankings.
  • Spinning Software Integration: WP Robot integrates with popular rewriting programs, enabling automatic spinning of all articles posted by the plugin. Supported spinning software includes TheBestSpinner, Spinnerchief, ChimpRewriter, SpinRewriter, WordAI, and ContentProfessor.
  • Integrated Into CMS Commander: WP Robot seamlessly integrates with CMS Commander, allowing you to manage multiple WordPress weblogs from a central dashboard. With CMS Commander, you can efficiently control WP Robot on multiple sites, saving time and effort.

New Features in WP Robot 5

  • New Interface: A redesigned user interface enhances usability and accessibility, providing a more intuitive experience for users, particularly newcomers.
  • New Curation Page: With the growing importance of content curation, WP Robot 5 introduces a new Curation page. This feature allows you to create articles by combining content from various sources in a flexible building-blocks system, enriching them with your own content, previewing them, and scheduling them for publication on your site.
  • Enhanced Post Log: The improved Post Log provides detailed insights into the articles created by WP Robot 5 on your site. Users can now edit or delete posts directly from within the WP Robot plugin dashboard.
  • Campaign-Specific Settings: Unlike WP Robot 4, where many settings had to be configured site-wide, WP Robot 5 allows for overriding settings on a campaign-specific level. This flexibility enables users to customize settings for individual campaigns, empowering them to build more advanced autoblogs.
  • Expanded Content Sources: WP Robot 5 boasts a total of 32 content sources, including 9 new additions such as Vimeo for high-quality videos, PhotoBucket for images, Bing News for current news, Tradedoubler for affiliate products, Etsy for handmade products, Indeed for job listings, Zanox for affiliate marketing, and Prosperent for affiliate marketing deals.


We've shared a 100% GPL licensed file, ensuring that you can use WP Robot on your website or your client’s website without any legal concerns. The shared file is not WP Robot nulled or cracked; it's sourced directly from the original GPL file provider and shared here for free download for everyone


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