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Are you frustrated by a slow website? Images that are too big make you say “ewww”… Let EWWW Image Optimizer help you speed up your website, improve your bounce rate and increase your SEO. But most importantly, you make your visitors happier so they keep coming back for more.

What is EWWW?

EWWW image optimization also known as EWWW is a free image compression plugin that you can download from the repository Standard WordPress plugins. Since there are tons of good image compression plugins available today, you all have to pay to use them, so EWWW is a minority plugin that allows you to optimize images for free with no less effectiveness than paid plugins.

EWWW has over 1 million activations in the WordPress repository
EWWW has over 1 million activations in the WordPress plugin repository

I used the EWWW plugin for my main website and found it to be sufficient to meet my needs. It impresses users as it supports image compression up to 60 – 80%. An extremely impressive number for a free Plugin like EWWW, even higher at certain frames than other paid plugins like Short Pixel, Smush Pro, Imagify,…

Why use EWWW Image Optimizer?

  1. Maximum upload speed and size of image files.
  2. Very well optimized with the leading tool created by the developer.
  3. Reduce the size of all image file types: Jpg, png, gif,…
  4. Can convert between Webp and jpg or png if desired.
  5. If you use free downloads in the WordPress warehouse, you can compress images at an acceptable level, about 50 to 70%. If you purchase additional paid items, image compression will be optimal at a rate of about 70 – 90%.
  6. Full compression without missing any images.
  7. Prevent images from being stolen by hackers: Secure SSL/TLS/HTTPS encryption when images are transported to EWWW's API server.
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EWWW High-quality image optimization for many types of images, such as jpg, webp, png, vector, etc. After optimizing, you should delete all unused images to save memory storage space for hosting.

EWWW Automatic image compression

EWWW has quite good image compression capabilities
EWWW has quite good image compression capabilities

With Easy IO, images are compressed using an external API, regardless of the hosting status used. Even if you use your favorite hosting, it won't have a big impact.

EWWW enables batch image optimization

With one click, all images in the library that are not optimized will be automatically optimized. Please note that you cannot close the working window until the plugin has finished running.

Compatibility with EWWW plugins

Download EWWW Plugin 4
Download EWWW plugin – plugin interface

EWWW is compatible with most popular plugins, has undergone in-depth testing and I have used it for a while and found that it works smoothly and without any problems.

Some other features of EWWW

EWWW compresses Webp images

The new generation image format Webp promises to reduce the original image size by up to 90%, a new image format developed by Google in recent years. Ewww supports websites to create images with Webp extension, which reduces the storage size of images for hosting, vps,…

CDN content delivery networks are supported

I recommend that you don't use the CDN feature of this plugin because it is quite primitive. If you want a better alternative, I think using Cloudflare is optimal. Cloudflare has been preferred by many webmasters in recent years because it is an American product and has infrastructure in Vietnam, making its speed much improved than before.

Link to download EWWW Image Optimizer for free from the WordPress homepage

You can download this plugin from the admin interface or download it from the WordPress homepage using the link below:

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To conclude

Therefore, in this article, I have introduced a way to optimize website speed by using EWWW image compression plugin. I hope this helps you. See you in the next articles.

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