Top 7 Best Image Compression Plugins for WordPress Website

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Images can enhance your website experience, strengthen your brand, and provide additional content for use in advertising. However, unnecessarily large images can increase page loading speed, negatively impact your SEO, and annoy visitors. You can minimize these problems and take advantage of all the benefits images have to offer by optimizing your images. Let's learn more about the best image compression plugins with

Smush Pro

Smush Pro is the most popular image optimization plugin available for WordPress. It applies lossless compression (meaning no quality is removed from the image file) to reduce the size of your images up to 5MB, individually or in bulk. Other measures are also needed to improve page performance, including lazy loading and auto-sizing.

Currently my website uses the image compression plugin for, which is none other than the Smush Pro premium version. It delivers extremely impressive automatic image compression efficiency, the average capacity is reduced from 60 – 90%, making your website lighter, speed up the website, increase user experience and save hosting space.

Smush Pro
Compress images with the Smush Pro plugin

Smush is a simple plugin for beginners. If you install this plugin on an existing site, all you need to do is go to the plugin's settings to enable it. Then all your existing images will be optimized. Any new images you upload will be automatically optimized as long as the plugin is installed.

The free version of Smush and its paid companion, Smush Pro , are great options for most WordPress users who want to compress their images but don't have time to compress each image themselves. Smush Pro ($6 per month) reduces file size more than the free version and also removes file size limits (the free version limits you to images under 1MB).

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Short pixel

The plugin second right after Smush that I would like to introduce to you is Short Pixel. The image compression power is extremely impressive with the image compression function via API. It is normal for uploaded photos to be automatically compressed at a maximum level of 60 – 90%. You can sign up for this plugin for a monthly fee (not much) and for just a few dollars per month you can comfortably compress a large number of images for your website.

The free image optimization plugin ShortPixel offers two different image compression solutions, lossless and lossy. Lossy compression means that some data is removed from the file, resulting in a much smaller file but slightly lower image quality. If you want to choose between these methods, try ShortPixel.

Compress images with Short Pixel
Compress images with Short Pixel

One of the best parts of this plugin is that it saves the original copy of the image, making it easy to restore if necessary. It also offers other minor benefits, including CMK to RGB conversion and image scaling. And ShortPixel enables compression of JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF and PDF files without size limitations.

ShortPixel allows users to optimize 100 images per month for free Pay monthly for additional images . For example, you can pay $3.99 per month for 7,000 images per month, $8.33 per month for 16,000 images per month, etc.

EWWW image optimization

This is the best free image compression plugin that recommends you use. Not only is it free, but its image compression efficiency is extremely impressive, even no less than the paid plugins out there. Ewww uses hosting resources to compress images without using an external API.

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The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin works similarly to our first two recommendations, in that it automatically optimizes images when you upload them to your site, and you also have the option to view previously uploaded JPG images individually or in bulk to optimize. EWWW's compression is lossless.

Compression using the EWWW plugin
Compression using the EWWW plugin

However, EWWW comes with some additional benefits that make it stand out. The plugin allows unlimited file sizes, so you don't have to worry about large, uncompressed images. Additionally, the premium version of the API can handle PNG, GIF, and WebP files, which is great for sites that combine all of these file types. Finally, EWWW Image Optimizer has a support team that answers all questions, including those from free users.


Optimus optimizes uploaded WordPress images by up to 70%. The plugin performs image compression by sending requests to the server, without consuming your server's hosting resources. The Optimus plugin optimizes images very well and supports Webp formats as well as most other popular image formats.

Optimize photos with Optimus
Optimize photos with Optimus

Optimus has a free version, but if you want to increase your experience and optimize images for the highest performance, buy the paid version, purchased products are always better than cheap products. If possible, I recommend that you purchase the Premium version for the author's sake.

Compress JPEG and PNG images

Another image compression plugin that I would like to introduce to you is TinyPNG – JPEG, PNG and WebP image compression. This plugin compresses images in multiple formats and delivers great performance without losing the original image quality. The plugin has an eye-catching panda image when searching in the search box so it is easy to spot.

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Plugin Compress JPEG and PNG images
Plugin Compress JPEG and PNG images


Imafify is the next image compression tool that wants to share with you, this is a plugin developed by WP Media, author of the famous cache creation plugin Wp Rocket. Being website optimization experts, the Imagify plugin also promises powerful image compression features. It can also compress images of different sizes from the homepage API without affecting the original integrity.

Optimize photos with Imagify
Optimize photos with Imagify


One last plugin I mentioned in this article is the Imsanity plugin. This is a free plugin but is on par with other paid plugins. Imsanity has the ability to compress large amounts of images at once and connect to the API server without affecting your hosting.

Compress images with the Imsanity plugin
Compress images with the Imsanity plugin

Please note that you should not compress too much as this will degrade the user experience. Too much compression is not always good. There are types of websites that need a sharp image for customers to see to make a decision. Purchase.

To conclude

Images certainly improve a website, but they can do more harm than good if they affect loading times. By optimizing images on your website, you are taking an important step towards better SEO and improving the user experience for your website visitors.

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