Tumblr and WordPress will sell user data to artificial intelligence companies

Tumblr and WordPress will sell user data to artificial intelligence

Tumblr: and: WordPress: are going to make arrangements sell user data artificial intelligence companies OpenAI: (ChatGPT:) and: Average trip. Platforms parent company, Automaticis set to strike a deal to provide data that helps train AI firms' models, according to reports 404 Media.

It's not yet clear what data will be included, but the article hints at it Automattic may be overpowered from the start. An alleged internal post by a Tumblr product manager, Sail Gagesuggesting that Automattic was willing to send a private or partner-related data that is not expected to be included in the contract.

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Apparently, among the sensitive data found were: private posts on public blogsdeleted or suspended blogs, unanswered questions (therefore unpublished), private answersposts marked as public and content from premium partner blogs.

An internal note suggests that Automattic engineers are preparing a list of post IDs that should have been excluded. “Our partners will honor all opt-out choices“, it is said at the end of the post. “We also plan to go one step further and regularly update any partners on individuals who have recently opted out and requested their content be removed from past and future collections.” It is not clear if the data has already been sent to the AI ​​companies.

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