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Summary of Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin

File Name Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin Free Download
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Last Updated 04-05-2023
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Introduction to Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin

The Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin is an advanced extension for the Kadence Blocks plugin, enhancing the capabilities of the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). This plugin provides additional features and controls that allow users to create more complex and visually appealing layouts without needing to write any code. Ideal for both developers and non-developers, Kadence Blocks Pro helps in building beautiful, functional websites efficiently.

Core Features Of Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin

  1. Intelligent Load
    • Kadence Blocks only loads CSS or JavaScript when needed and only for the blocks used on a specific page.
  2. Responsive Controls
    • Customize your design for each screen size, including tablet and mobile, directly within the WordPress editor.
  3. Layout Controls
    • Build any layout imaginable with the row/layout block, controlling it for any size.
  4. Typography Controls
    • Choose from 900+ Google fonts and have full typography control over your website design.
  5. 1500+ SVG Icons
    • Adjust everything from size, color, and even stroke width, with fast-loading SVG icons.
  6. Color and Background Controls
    • Manage gradients, overlays, blends, parallax backgrounds, borders, and more.
  7. Configurable Defaults
    • Define default settings that apply automatically whenever you add a block, simplifying the development process.
  8. Setting Visibility Controls
    • Hide block settings from certain user roles so they can focus on content, keeping them out of block designs.
  9. Spacing Controls
    • Control paddings and margins for your blocks with responsive precision.

Pro Features Of Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin

  1. Animate on Scroll
    • Create a captivating experience with on-scroll animations to reveal your content engagingly.
  2. Custom Icons
    • Add your custom icons or a complete set to ensure you always have the perfect icon.
  3. Dynamic Content
    • Dynamically pull in custom fields into your blocks for powerful site management, especially useful for hooked elements.
  4. Custom Fonts
    • Easily add custom fonts or use Adobe Fonts to create the perfect design.
  5. Premium Design Library
    • Speed up your development with access to all premium design library items and starter sites.
  6. Page Specific Scripts
    • Add custom tracking scripts to a single page or post directly within the editor tools.

Why Choose Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin?

  1. Enhanced Customization
    • Provides extensive options for creating and managing complex layouts, typography, and designs.
  2. User-Friendly Interface
    • Designed for ease of use, making it accessible for both developers and non-developers.
  3. Improved Performance
    • The intelligent load feature ensures that only necessary resources are loaded, enhancing site performance.
  4. Dynamic Content Capabilities
    • Supports dynamic content, making it ideal for sites that need to display varied and frequently updated information.
  5. Comprehensive Design Controls
    • Offers a wide range of design controls, including animations, custom fonts, and color settings, allowing for highly customized and professional-looking websites.

How to Install Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin?

  1. Step 1: Download the Kadence Blocks Free and Pro versions from the provided links.
  2. Step 2: First, install the Kadence Blocks Free version and activate it.
  3. Step 3: Now, install the Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin in the plugin section and activate it.
  4. Step 4: Done! Enjoy the enhanced features of Kadence Blocks Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin compatible with all WordPress themes?

Answer: Yes, the Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes, ensuring a seamless integration and consistent user experience.

2. Can I use the Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin on multiple websites?

Answer: Absolutely. The plugin is provided under a GPL license, allowing you to use it on an unlimited number of websites.

3. Do I need coding skills to use the Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin?

Answer: No, the plugin is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any coding skills. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing complex layouts and designs.

4. What kind of support is available for the Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin?

Answer: While technical support is not included with the free download, you can purchase support services from the original developer for additional assistance and updates.


The Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin is a powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their WordPress block editor with advanced features and customization options. With its intelligent load system, responsive controls, and comprehensive design capabilities, it stands out as an essential plugin for creating professional and dynamic websites. Whether you are a developer or a non-developer, Kadence Blocks Pro provides the tools you need to build beautiful, functional sites with ease.

For the best experience and support, it is recommended to download and utilize the plugin through mmosites.com. This ensures you receive the genuine GPL file and access to all necessary updates and features. Enhance your website building capabilities with the Kadence Blocks Pro Plugin and create stunning WordPress sites effortlessly.


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