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Plugin Name WooCommerce Product Recommendations v2.3.0
Category WordPress Plugin
Latest Version 2.3.0
Compatible With WooCommerce
Key Features Upsells, Cross-sells, Frequently Bought Together, In-Depth Analytics
License GPL
Last Updated May 14, 2023
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Introduction to WooCommerce Product Recommendations

WooCommerce Product Recommendations is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance your WooCommerce store with intelligent product suggestions. This plugin helps you offer smarter upsells, cross-sells, and frequently bought together recommendations, improving customer experience and boosting your store’s average order value.

WooCommerce Product Recommendations Key Features

Intelligent Recommendation Engines

The plugin leverages advanced algorithms to generate automated and accurate product recommendations. It analyzes order data to discover meaningful product relationships and adapts to new trends and seasonal patterns with near-zero waiting or training time.

Bulk Upsell and Cross-sell Management

Manually adding upsells and cross-sells to each product or category page can be time-consuming. WooCommerce Product Recommendations allows you to create upsells and cross-sells in bulk. You can filter products by category, attribute, tag, or price, and use amplifiers to boost specific results based on popularity, rating, creation date, conversion rate, and other criteria.

Context-Aware Recommendations

The plugin supports context-aware recommendations, allowing you to suggest products from the currently viewed category or brand. You can also limit recommendations to products that cost more than the currently viewed product, ensuring relevant and effective suggestions.

Timely and Relevant Offers

WooCommerce Product Recommendations helps you promote the right product to the right customer at the right time. You can recommend recently viewed products and items from recently viewed categories at the checkout page or even after the customer completes their order. The plugin allows you to display offers conditionally based on the customer’s cart or order contents, browsing history, date, or location.

In-Depth Analytics

Measure the impact of your recommendations with in-depth analytics. This feature helps you track the performance of your upsells, cross-sells, and frequently bought together suggestions, allowing you to optimize your strategies for maximum effectiveness.

WooCommerce Product Recommendations Documentation

For detailed guidance on setting up and using WooCommerce Product Recommendations, you can refer to the official documentation provided by WooCommerce. This documentation includes step-by-step instructions, best practices, and troubleshooting tips to help you make the most of this powerful plugin.

Why Choose WooCommerce Product Recommendations?

1. Smarter Recommendations with Advanced Algorithms

WooCommerce Product Recommendations uses intelligent algorithms to provide accurate and automated product suggestions. This feature reduces the manual effort required to set up recommendations and ensures that your customers receive relevant suggestions.

2. Efficient Bulk Management

The ability to manage upsells and cross-sells in bulk saves time and effort. You can quickly add recommendations across your entire catalog, ensuring that no product or category is left out.

3. Personalized Shopping Experience

Context-aware and timely recommendations enhance the shopping experience by providing customers with relevant product suggestions. This personalization can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

4. Comprehensive Analytics

In-depth analytics allow you to measure the impact of your recommendations. By understanding which suggestions are most effective, you can continuously refine your strategy to maximize conversions and revenue.

5. GPL Licensed for Unlimited Use

WooCommerce Product Recommendations is GPL licensed, which means you can use it on an unlimited number of websites. This open-source licensing model supports transparency and community-driven development, providing great value for users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is WooCommerce Product Recommendations compatible with all WooCommerce themes?

Yes, WooCommerce Product Recommendations is designed to be compatible with most WooCommerce themes. For the best experience, it is recommended to use themes optimized for WooCommerce.

2. Can I use WooCommerce Product Recommendations on multiple websites?

Yes, WooCommerce Product Recommendations is GPL licensed, allowing you to use it on an unlimited number of websites without any legal concerns.

3. How does the plugin generate product recommendations?

The plugin uses advanced algorithms to analyze order data and discover meaningful product relationships. It then generates automated and accurate recommendations based on this analysis.

4. Can I customize the recommendations displayed to customers?

Absolutely! WooCommerce Product Recommendations allows you to customize suggestions using filters and amplifiers. You can set criteria based on category, attribute, tag, price, and other advanced criteria to ensure relevant recommendations.


WooCommerce Product Recommendations v2.3.0 is an essential tool for any WooCommerce store looking to enhance its product suggestion capabilities. With intelligent recommendation engines, efficient bulk management, personalized shopping experiences, and comprehensive analytics, this plugin offers everything you need to boost your store’s average order value and improve customer satisfaction.

For a reliable and effective product recommendation solution, download WooCommerce Product Recommendations today from mmosites.com and start optimizing your WooCommerce store with smart, automated suggestions.


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