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Product Summary

Product WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO
Version 5.5.1
Category WordPress Plugin
License GPL
Compatibility WordPress MultiSite, Nginx, Linux, Windows
Key Features Theme Masking, Custom Login URL, HTML Clean-up, Firewall Protection, White Labeling
Download Link Available through membership at mmosites.com

WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO: Enhanced Security for Your WordPress Site

Introduction to WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO

WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to conceal your WordPress installation from being detected through code. This provides a significant improvement in website security, as hackers and malicious bots typically target known vulnerabilities in WordPress themes and plugins. By using WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO, you effectively eliminate visible traces of WordPress, making your site a much harder target for attacks.

Product Information

Below is a detailed breakdown of the features and specifications of WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO.


  • No Data and Directory Changes: The plugin operates virtually, using URL rewrite techniques and WordPress filters to implement its functionalities without altering server files or directories.
  • Full Compatibility: It is designed to work seamlessly with all WordPress themes and plugins.
  • MultiSite Support: The PRO version supports WordPress MultiSite configurations, allowing for individual settings per site or global settings controlled by a superadmin.
  • Theme Masking: Conceal all references to your theme or child theme, including theme name, version, and author.
  • Host and Server Compatibility: Tested and confirmed to work on various hosting environments and server configurations.
  • Nginx Compatibility: Offers full support for Nginx, including an advanced rewrite queries engine.
  • Custom Login URL: Allows you to change the default login URL to prevent brute force attacks, improving site performance and security.
  • HTML Clean-up: Removes unnecessary HTML comments and WordPress auto-generated classes from your site's code.
  • Plugin URL Customization: Customize the URLs for individual plugins and block default paths.
  • Ajax Calls Customization: Change the default run-ajax.php usage and block the default settings.
  • Firewall Protection: Provides proactive security measures to prevent malware and other malicious activities.
  • White Labeling: Allows you to replace text in the outputted code to white-label plugins and themes, including complex applications like page builders.

Why Choose WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO?

Here are five compelling reasons to choose WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO for your WordPress site:

  1. Enhanced Security: By hiding WordPress fingerprints, you significantly reduce the risk of targeted attacks on your site.
  2. No Performance Impact: The plugin operates without altering your server's files or directories, ensuring no negative impact on site performance.
  3. Seamless Compatibility: Works perfectly with all themes and plugins, maintaining your site's functionality and appearance.
  4. Advanced Features: Includes powerful features like custom login URLs and HTML clean-up, providing comprehensive security enhancements.
  5. Proactive Protection: The built-in firewall and other security measures ensure proactive protection against various threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will this plugin affect my site's SEO? A1: No, WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO is designed to work without negatively impacting your SEO. In fact, some SEO aspects can be improved by using this plugin.

Q2: Is it compatible with all hosting environments? A2: Yes, the plugin is compatible with various hosting environments and server configurations, including both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Q3: Can I use this plugin on a MultiSite setup? A3: Yes, the PRO version supports MultiSite configurations, allowing for individual site settings or global settings managed by a superadmin.

Q4: How does the custom login URL feature improve security? A4: Changing the default login URL prevents brute force attacks on your login page, which can significantly reduce CPU usage and improve site performance.


WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO is an essential tool for any WordPress site owner looking to improve their site's security. By concealing WordPress fingerprints and providing advanced security features, it makes your site a harder target for hackers and malicious bots. Its compatibility with various hosting environments and its seamless integration with themes and plugins make it a top choice for WordPress security.

For the best results and to support further development, consider purchasing the plugin through mmosites.com. This ensures you receive technical support and contribute to ongoing enhancements. Secure your site today with WP Hide and Security Enhancer PRO and enjoy peace of mind knowing your WordPress site is protected.


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